The Luminosity Masking Panel For Photoshop


Whether you’re an experienced luminosity masking master or are at the start of your luminosity masking journey, the Panel will make everything quicker and easier to learn and to perform the normally time-consuming, complicated techniques.


Rather than try to impress (and overwhelm) you with more buttons and complicated ways of doing the same things in Photoshop, unlike other panels on the market our Luminosity Masking Panel is designed to make it LESS COMPLICATED.

You won’t need an 8 hour course just to learn the basics of how to use our Panel!



Create quick luminosity selections in one-click, or build them up using the “Preview Mode” for that extra level of control

add and subtract selections easily

Build intricate luminosity selections and masks by adding and subtracting specific tonal ranges to and from each other in just a few clicks. 

Copy and paste luminosity masks between layers

When you’ve spent time creating an awesome luminosity mask on one adjustment and need to quickly re-use it on another, the Panel makes it simple to copy and paste masks from one adjustment to another

preview and modify luminosity selections on the fly to create the perfect mask

Create quick luminosity selections in one-click, or build them up using the “Preview Mode” for that extra level of control

Shortcut common adjustments and effects

The panel includes plenty of one-click adjustments that give you a head start on the most common light, contrast and colour techniques taught across the various Photoshop courses. 

one-click resize and sharpen for web

The panel includes functions for easy one-click resizing and sharpening using Steve Arnold’s unique sharpening technique for the web.

Panel gives you The power to make it as simple or as advanced as you want

The panel is simple to use which is great for everyone from beginner to advanced, but it also gives experienced users the power to use it in the most advanced ways too.

comprehensive documentation

Learn the basics of how to use the panel with the documentation here

videos and tutorials

Visit for videos, tutorials and more examples of how to use the panel on all kinds of images.

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