This section of the panel is used for creating “throwaway” copies of your finished images that you can save as JPEG files to share online.

It duplicates your current Photoshop document, flattens the duplicate, then resizes and sharpens it using Steve’s web sharpening technique.

You can then save the resulting document as a JPEG and then close it without saving the PSD.

This process ensures your “master” image – the finished PSD file – remains in its finished, full-resolution state without the risk of accidentally saving the resize and sharpen changes to it.

To use this function press one of the two preset size buttons (960px or 2048px) to create a resized version at that size on the longest edge.

The panel will apply a different amount of sharpening depending on the size you choose.

Because the sharpening has been added to a layer that is a smart object, you can adjust and fine-tune the settings if you like. You can also adjust the opacity of the Sharpened layer to your liking.

These two sizes have been chosen as presets because they are the two sizes that guarantee the best quality when uploading images to Facebook (any other sizes Facebook will compress and create a weird low quality copy of your image).

But you can choose your own size for output by typing a number in to the box and pressing the Custom button.

When using the Custom size button, just keep in mind that the sharpening method used is specifically designed for creating web-sized images so it may not be the best option for sharpening images you want to print, or at sizes larger than 2048px.